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We seek to be partners in great businesses, with a view to grow structurally in the long run. We believe in business models that feed back into themselves and amplify the company’s competitive advantages over their competitors’.


We believe that the investment in companies with qualitative advantages is the best way to obtain excellent returns and at the same time minimize risks. Thus, the discount to a company’s intrinsic value by itself is not enough to justify our investment.


Our investment process is fundamentally focused on the identification of situations in which the market’s perception towards the companies is different than its economic reality, resulting in a gap between the stock price and the company’s intrinsic value.


When necessary and possible, we will advocate positive changes the companies in which we invest. To this end, we will take new ideas to the company, and we will raise governance, strategy, management, leadership and M&A issues.


We believe in a concentrated portfolio composed by few but excellent companies, selected based on our research process and intense due diligence review. We seek, above all, good ideas with the possibility of the highest returns.

Excellence in the assessment of the risk/return ratio

We invest only in companies that display favorable asymmetries in the potential loss vs. potential gain ratio. Additionally, we use stress scenarios to assess possible losses.


We constantly innovate to leave behind inertia and to evolve as asset managers; our investment process is in permanent improvement. We promote the creation of new analytical tools and the questioning the status quo.